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Let’s be kind

In an online community, it’s easy to forget that there are real humans with feelings behind our screens.

Before adding your comment, please be mindful, and ask yourself: Is this something I would say to a friend who’s having a bad day?

Let’s be reflective

We’d love to hear your thoughts, but please add light (not fire) to the discussion.

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And remember, we all make mistakes and often regret saying things in hindsight. Instead of feeling ashamed, apologise and acknowledge when you are wrong. The person on the other side will appreciate your courage. Don’t forget to forgive yourself too. Always be kind to the person reflecting back to you from your screen.

Let’s be productive

Our goal is to facilitate deep, thoughtful discussions that stay focused on the issue at heart.

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Let’s be respectful

Every voice in our community—including yours—adds to our collective wisdom and is a privilege for all of us to hear.

The Bazar Observer community will always remain inclusive. Our diverse and global community is made up of people across the board and political identities, affliction and understanding, so do understand our differences of experience and opinion.

If you disagree with an author’s point in an article or someone else’s comment, turn it into a learning moment—not an attack—by explaining why you respectfully disagree and by backing up your opinion with facts or credible references if possible. Always remember to tap into your invaluable listening skills.

This also means no hate speech, personal attacks, threats, obscenities, or any other kind of hurtful language or behavior. You are fully responsible for libelous or defamatory comments.

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In short, let’s respect our shared space. Commenting or expressing your opinion is a privilege not a right, so do not abuse this privilege.

Let’s speak softly

No shouting, i.e., writing in all caps, unless it’s to express excitement or admiration such as: “I LOVE my fellow Bazari, and I also LOVE other humans!

That’s it for guidelines. Did we miss something? Let us know—this is your community too.

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