New Delhi: A Delhi-based industry body on Wednesday said the change of regime in Afghanistan would impact India’s trade relationship with the neighbouring country.

The Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI) in a statement said India and Afghanistan had a bilateral trade of about “Rs 10,000 crore” in 2020-2021. It includes goods worth Rs 6,000 crore being exported from India to Afghanistan, and products worth Rs 3,800 crore being imported from Afghanistan to India.

Taliban fighters, who were removed from power in Afghanistan by US-led forces in 2001, have resurfaced again, taking control of most of the parts of Afghanistan on August 15, after the government there collapsed and embattled president Ashraf Ghani fled home, much like his fellow citizens.

“In the current situation, bilateral trade between India and Afghanistan will be badly affected because in these circumstances the future is uncertain, shipments of people are stranded and payments of people can be stuck on a large scale. The Government of India should take immediate cognizance of this and some way should be found,” CTI chairman Brijesh Goyal said.

India, as per the CTI, is the largest market for Afghan products in South Asia, and imports dry fruits, fruits and medicinal herbs from Afghanistan.

“India mainly exports tea, coffee, cotton, pepper etc. to Afghanistan,” it noted.

Talking about the national capital specifically, CTI said business to the tune of “Rs 1,000 crore” is done with Afghanistan every year from here alone.

“Clothes, medicines, medical equipment, auto parts etc. go to Afghanistan from Delhi. Especially from the cloth market of Chandni Chowk, ladies suits and cotton kurtas go to Kabul and Kandahar,” it added.



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