SRINAGAR- The second meeting of Handicrafts Quality Control Council constituted by the Government was held under the chairmanship of Mahmood Ahmad Shah, Director Handicrafts and Handloom, Kashmir.

The meeting assumed significance in view of the fact that recognition of those crafts and artisans was discussed that have not been included in the fray till date due to one or the other reason. The meeting also discussed the ways and means to bring more crafts under the ambit of Jammu & Kashmir Handicrafts Quality Control Act 1978.

It was felt that bringing more crafts under the ambit will not only provide the much needed focus to such arts but will also help in extending the benefits of the Government schemes presently in vogue to such groups thus will address a long pending demand.

The exercise will help in increasing the number of genuine artisan community and such a measure will extend the benefits of the govt schemes to the hitherto unrecognized artisan segments of the society by which they can avail the Artisan/Weavers Credit scheme, Karkhandar scheme, Assistance under the Cooperative Act, MUDRA Scheme and other educational benefits for their kins.

The inclusion of the crafts to the list of notified crafts will increase the socio-economic conditions of the marginalized artisan community.

Moreover there are certain categories of the craftsmen whose role is very important for the final product of a Handicraft item such as Copperware Sakhta/engraving, Pottery, Wagguv, Paper Pulp (Sakhta), Tracer, Dyer, Washer etc. This category of craft practicing people whose role is immensely vital for the overall development of the craft sector in the UT, however till date the financial empowerment schemes launched by the department has not percolated down to such segments of the Artisans.

Director Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir made special reference to the empowerment of such categories of the craft persons so that this step of inclusion will in turn attract more and more persons towards the cottage sector and employment opportunity to the youth can get a flip.

The Handicrafts Quality Control Council accordingly proposed inclusion of 24 No. of crafts to be declared as Notified Crafts under the provision of the Jammu and Kashmir Handicrafts Quality Control Act 1978.

The said council also proposed registration as artisans of the persons practicing the crafts, to be notified in addition to the crafts already Notified vide SO No. 269 dated: 065.08.2021 and SRO 14 dated: 7th of January 1997.

The meeting was also attended by Vikas Gupta, Director Handicrafts and Handloom, Jammu, Atul Sharma, Managing Director Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation, Zubair Ahmad, Director IICT Srinagar, Mirza Shahid Ali Dy. Director Quality Control, Sheikh Aashiq, President KCCI, Rafiq Ahmad Sofi Representative from Tahafuz, Gh Nabi Dar and Representative of Meeras Society.


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