New Delhi- The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has allowed the conversion of regular vehicle registrations into Bharat Series (BH) numbers as part of measures to widen the scope of the BH series ecosystem. Earlier, only new vehicles could opt for the BH series mark.

In an official statement, the MoRTH said over the course of the implementation of BH series registration mark rules, several representations have been received towards

“Vehicles currently having regular registration mark can also be converted to BH series registration mark, subject to payment of requisite tax, to facilitate persons who subsequently become eligible for BH series registration mark,” the statement said.

The ministry has also proposed an amendment in rule 48 to provide flexibility to submit an application for the BH series either at the place of residence or place of work with a view to providing further ease of life to the citizen.

It also said the Working Certificate to be submitted by private sector employees has been further strengthened to prevent misuse.

According to the statement, the transfer of ownership of the vehicle with the BH series registration mark to other persons, who are eligible or ineligible for the BH series, has been facilitated.

To ensure the seamless transfer of personal vehicles across states, last year in September, the road transport ministry came up with Bharat (BH) series for new vehicles.

In this regard, the government had notified a new vehicle registration regime that will free vehicle owners from the re-registration process when they shift from one state/Union territory to another.  (PTI)


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