New Delhi- Retail commodity packages containing more than one pack, including gift and multi-piece packs, are required to mention all mandatory declarations includingP, on the outer pack, according to the Consumer Affairs Ministry.

In the latest directive, the ministry said, “It is observed that the mandatory information is not declared on a retail package containing more than one retail package.”

It is mandatory that all the necessary declarations should also be made on all retail packages inside a group/ combination/ multi-piece/gift package, it said.

Name and address of the manufacturer, packer, and importers as well as the country of origin for imported products, net quantity, month and year of manufacture/pack/import, best before use date and consumer care details — are some of the mandatory declarations required to be printed outside the pack.

There should be mention of the unit sale price which will come into force with effect from February 1 this year, it added.  (PTI)


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