Srinagar- Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA) has launched a new scheme under which consumers can reduce their electricity bills and bank their surplus energy if they install solar power plants in their homes.

“We have a 20-Megawatt Roof Top Solar Power Plant’ project for Jammu and Kashmir. In this scheme we are trying to cover 10,000 households, where we set up a power plant of three, five or ten-kilowatt capacity that will curtail the electricity bills of the consumers,” JAKEDA Chief Executive Officer Prithvi Raj Dhar told PTI.

Dhar, who inaugurated a solar power expo here on Wednesday, said with the installation of smart meters, which are bidirectional, the energy generated from the solar panels installed at the premises of consumers will be transferred to the grid.

“The number of units generated by the solar plant will be deducted from the number of units consumed by the consumer,” he added.

“It means the cost of installing the plant will be recovered in three years and the consumer will get free energy for the rest of his life. It is also clean energy. Installing one KW solar power plant is equivalent to planting 66 trees per year. This will greatly reduce carbon emissions,” Dhar said.

JAKEDA Assistant Executive Engineer Khalid Raja said in the case of consumers using less energy than what is generated by their plant, the excess energy will be banked in their account for later use.

“The government is providing subsidies on setting up the power plant which is up to 65 per cent of project cost. The consumer has to provide only 35 per cent,” he added.

Afshan Reshi, a visitor at the expo, was upbeat about the new scheme.

“There are a lot of benefits. It will reduce the electricity bills. Right now there is a good amount of subsidy on it. It may be reduced later or waived later,” Reshi said.

JAKEDA has invited several companies which manufacture and market solar technologies to the expo so that the visitors can choose from a wide range of products.  (PTI) 


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