SRINAGAR- The Director, Jammu & Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI), Ajaz Ahmad Bhat on Thursday chaired a meeting to review number of startups registered, success of recovery efforts and the overall status of repayment under various schemes at the Institute’s Sempora campus

Speaking at the meeting, the Director said that Startups play a pivotal role in providing opportunities for the youth of the UT. By encouraging more startup registrations, JKEDI aims to empower the younger generation, enabling them to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, he added.

He however was quick to add that it is also important to maintain a robust recovery and repayment system. This ensures that startups not only receive initial support but also contribute to the sustainability of the programs, thereby creating a cycle of growth and self-sufficiency.

The meeting was attended by Executive Director, JKEDI, In Charge Recovery, Regional Coordinators, In charge CIIBM, In Charge CSF and all the district nodal officers of JKEDI.

Director JKEDI directed all officials to increase their efforts to boost startup registrations, with the aim of providing the youth of Jammu and Kashmir the greatest possible opportunity to turn their dream projects into reality. Additionally, he underscored the importance of taking extra measures to reinforce the recovery and repayment system.

The Director further discussed the geographical distribution of startups and emphasized the need to ensure that entrepreneurial opportunities are accessible across the districts within the UT. The Institute provides mentorship, training, and access to resources. The comprehensive support mechanism of the Institute is designed to ensure the success of startups in the long run.

Earlier, In-Charge, recovery and repayments, JKEDI provided a detailed review of recovery statistics, showcasing the progress made by entrepreneurs in repaying loans and dues. Some districts were identified as lagging behind in startup registrations.

The Director directed these districts to accelerate their efforts in this regard, ensuring equitable access to opportunities across the UT. Those districts that were found to be trailing in their recovery efforts were also directed to expedite the process, enabling a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem for startups.


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