Marks big breakthrough towards Success and Global Marketing

KISHTWAR- The traditional saffron growers of Kishtwar, particularly from Mandal and the Saffron Development Farm in Berwar, have achieved a significant milestone in the cultivation and global marketing of saffron.

With nature’s blessings and the dedication and expertise of the growers, in alignment with the efforts of the District Administration Kishtwar, spearheaded by Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar Dr. Devansh Yadav and instrumental efforts of Saffron Development Office Kishtwar under the guidance of SDO Amarjeet Sen besides CAO Kishtwar Amjad Hussain Malik, a monumental accomplishment has been realized—the GI labeling of Kishtwar Saffron, marked as Grade 1, a first for the region.

This triumph was realized through the diligent efforts of the concerned departments in collaboration with Zaffran FPO Ltd. The breakthrough came after 1150 grams of saffron flowers collected from Berwar was processed for physical and chemical analysis at the India International Kashmir Saffron Trading Centre (IIKSTC), Dussu Pampore, it yielded 110 grams of fresh saffron filaments and 20 grams of premium dry Lacha saffron, subsequently branded as Grade 1.

Packaged meticulously in 20 glass bottles with GI labeling and Grade 1 certification at the India International Kashmir Saffron Trading Centre, this marks a defining moment for the Kishtwar Saffron brand.

This accomplishment signifies not just a remarkable achievement but also a commitment to further endeavors. The District Administration Kishtwar, in collaboration with the Saffron Development Office and FPOs, would continue to strive towards securing separate GI tagging specifically for Kishtwar saffron, ensuring the recognition and distinction it rightfully deserves in the national and international markets.


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