Srinagar- Providing a major relief to the bereaved families, J&K Bank facilitated the swift settlement of MetLoan & Life Suraksha (MLLS) insurance claims of its deceased borrowers who had their accounts in different branches of the Bank. Since last month, the claims worth Rs 3.42 Crores were paid to the family members of 74 deceased customers who belonged to the Kathua Zone of the Bank.

The Bank’s Zonal Head (Kathua) Sanjeev Kumar along with Zonal Head (Credit Life – PNB MetLife) Irfan Ali Zargar displayed the symbolic cheque worth Rs 3.42 Crores handed over to the nominees/Legal Heirs of the deceased customers in presence of Cluster Head (Kathua) Vinay Gupta, Cluster Head (Samba) Sanjay Kumar Belowo, Zonal Insurance Coordinator Vibha Bharti, Branch Heads of respective branches and other officials of the Bank and PNB MetLife including their Regional Manager Nisar Ahmad Khan and Territory Manager Suresh Kumar Vaid.

Expressing gratitude to the Bank and its Insurance partner MetLife, Claimants described settlement of claim as a big relief for the family amid tough times. “Besides being thankful to the Bank for covering these loans under insurance, we appreciate the support of Bank in timely settlement of the claims, which has really helped our families in these tough times and relieved us of such huge financial burden.”

Speaking on the occasion, both the officials from the Bank and the insurance company highlighted the significance of getting the loans insured. “With a single-premium option alongside the bank funding available for the customers, we can safeguard the families of borrowers and the interests of our institution in case of such unforeseen eventualities”, said Zonal Head (Kathua) adding, “let’s pledge to advise the borrowers always to secure the future of their families by getting their loans insured.”

While reminding the customers of the goodwill of J&K Bank, Zonal Head (Credit Life – PNB MetLife) said that the Bank always advises its clients to get their loans insured so that their loved ones are taken care of in case of such unseen contingencies. “We may not be able to compensate the emotional loss of life but with good insurance products we can always help the bereaved families by relieving them of their financial burdens”, he added.


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