Srinagar- Startup Kashmir hosted a first-of-its-kind meetup for women entrepreneurs at Kong Posh restaurant in Srinagar, marking a significant milestone in the region’s entrepreneurial landscape. The inaugural event drew a diverse spectrum of seasoned professionals, flourishing business owners, and emerging talents, all converging to celebrate the spirit of female entrepreneurship.

Deeba Ali, representing Startup Kashmir, kicked off the event as the enthusiastic host. Renowned entrepreneur Rifat Mushtaq, owner of Rifat Printing Press, served as a guest speaker, captivating the audience with her inspiring journey. Rifat’s resilient journey resonated deeply as she shared the challenges she faced, transitioning from matchbox and polythene production to achieving success in cardboard manufacturing.

Shahid Mir, CEO of Greenovator Incubation Foundation (GIF) supported by DST Govt of India, also graced the event. He shed light on the various schemes offered by GIF to support entrepreneurs.

Seerat Zahra, owner of Glitz and Glam, emphasized the importance of these gatherings for shared learning and growth. Highlighting the value of each woman’s story, she encouraged open communication and collaboration.

Batool Aijaz, owner of Jazba Foods, echoed this sentiment, stressing the importance of a supportive network. She commended Startup Kashmir for providing a valuable platform for women to connect and collaborate.

Seasoned entrepreneur Jahan Araa offered invaluable advice for aspiring businesswomen, equipping them with practical guidance for their journeys.

Nava Shah, founder of Jamkle Jars, further emphasized the importance of honesty and dedication, while recognizing the power of these meetups in forging understanding and fostering empathy amongst entrepreneurs.

Adding her voice to the chorus of support, another successful entrepreneur, Saba Bhat underscored the evening’s message of a strong, collaborative network for women in business.

The meetup served as a powerful testament to the resilience and ingenuity of women entrepreneurs in Kashmir, who continue to defy odds and carve a path of innovation and success.

Shahid Ansari, CEO of Startup Kashmir, concluded the event by expressing his gratitude to all the participants. He saluted their unwavering spirit in contributing to the entrepreneurial landscape of Kashmir, ultimately promoting startups and generating employment opportunities. The event concluded with laughter and a renewed sense of community, and all the participants departed feeling energized, united, and ready to conquer new heights.


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